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Temps on Demand excited about changes

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Temps on Demand excited about changes

Temps on Demand Inc. is an innovative staffing agency located in Denver Colorado. Thanks to a great foundation based on honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic, Temps on Demand began 2015 with ground breaking growth, branching out to incorporate new warehouse opportunities, a waste disposal contract, and hotel housekeeping which adds to our growing list of industry specialties. Combine that with the extensive number of construction clean-up sites we send out on a daily basis and you can see why Temps on Demand is becoming one of Denver’s most sought after staffing agencies. Due to our increased growth and the demand for more and more available staff, Temps on Demand has moved into a newly renovated office complex which affords us more square footage and more usable space to meet the fast paced and expanding growth we are experiencing. Our new address is 7421 East Iliff Avenue Denver Colorado 80231. The expediential growth has brought about changes in our Executive Staff, in that; we have found the need to add an executive assistant and an office manager to assist in daily management of the organization and dispatch.

Since relocating, we have seen a 45% increase in new contracts. In addition, we have increased our recruiting efforts which have resulted in expanding our staffing populous to meet the demand of our new contracts. Fast paced growth can at times be tricky, in that, it creates new challenges to meet the growing demands of both clients and staff. There have been challenges and learning curves, but what we are seeing on an overwhelming basis is excellent reviews from contractors, supervisors and corporate HR. One of the major complications to our company’s growth was in the area of transportation. In the last three months we have added two, ten passenger vans to our fleet to solve that issue.

The high rate of growth in Denver’s Housing Industry in 2015 (an 11% increase since 2011) has opened up the opportunity for temporary labor companies such as Temps on Demand to work closely with housing developers as the demand for laborers has risen dramatically. In addition, warehouse positions have been on the rise due to the increase in manufacturing which since the beginning of this year increased by 5% and is anticipated to increase by as much as 12% by the end of the year. Denver’s tourism is poised to record another strong year in both business and leisure travel in 2015, after reporting record visitor activity and solid hotel sector performance in 2013-2014. This is nothing but good news for Temps on Demand as we hold a strong presence in each of these work venues.

Due to the overall growth in Denver last year, Colorado has seen an increase in residents. (In 2014, Colorado was the fourth fastest growing state for the second year in a row with a 1.6 population increase of nearly 84,000 people). That affords the Denver Metro area the opportunity to strive for growth in new business opportunities and to increase the labor force. In the next 2 quarters, Denver is slated to experience higher than expected employment growth. The Denver Post is talking about a new job growth outlook of 17% from where it was just last year at this time. All of this translates to more jobs and more opportunity for Denver staffing agencies.
One of the most exciting steps that Temps on Demand has taken this year is the task to equip its Independent Contractors with the ability to grow and develop their business. We have teamed up with Keybank to help each contractor develop strong money management skills through education, and Keybank now gives them the ability to access direct deposit of their business funds. This allows each contractor to build their business credit and meet the tax requirements they face as an Independent Contractor. This financial piece is critical to have in place, in order for the Independent Contractors to grow their business and to find true success in the business world; thus providing them greater financial freedom in their business as well as in their personal lives. The more structure, consistency and credibility a business and individual has the more it strengths its business relationships, customer relations, and grows strong ties to the community and a stronger independence for the individual themselves.

One of the strategic goals of Temps on Demand has always focused on giving back to the community. It is for that reason that we have developed a Food Bank to provide for workers as their needs require. In addition, our vans are used on the weekends to provide transportation for a church within our community. We believe that helping others is why Temps on Demand holds the reputation it does within the community. We believe that this reputation is what brings the quality of individuals to the Temps on Demand office seeking to become part of the Temps on Demand Team.

Temps on Demand has set its horizon to impact lives and help individuals grow and take advantage of opportunities in this highly diversified business climate. As a company, we will continue to be intentional and goal oriented. We will strive to work closely and honestly with business associates, and encourage staff in the virtue, integrity and honesty of business. We will esteem others and honor our peers and fellow workers with respect. We live a world that is self-oriented, but at Temps on Demand we choose to earn the rewards of business through a strong work ethic and respect for others. We’re blessed daily by the businesses we serve, and look forward to the doors that God will open in the future.

With all the positives happening to Temps on Demand, we see a long and prosperous relationship with Denver and Colorado as a whole, and look forward to what the future holds for all of us.

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