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Denver Staffing Agencies Optimistic About Growth

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Denver Staffing Agencies Optimistic About Growth

Colorado is in the middle of one of the hottest job growth streaks since 2000 and businesses are relying on temp and staffing agencies more than ever to fill job vacancies.

The Numbers

The Denver Post reports that Colorado saw a 2.6 percent job growth increase of nonfarm payroll jobs, bringing the estimated total number of nonfarm payroll jobs in Colorado to 2,396,800.

Among the largest industries showing job growth were industrial/transportation and construction.

The city of Denver believes the statewide trend of job growth will continue into 2014 and predicts a 2.7 percent increase in jobs in the metro Denver area. The largest growth will occur in the construction and natural resources industries.

Over 30,000 new jobs will be created in the seven country metro area of Denver in 2014. While the increase is great for the local economy and the residents of Denver, businesses may struggle to keep up with the amount of work coming into the company.

Departments can easily become overwhelmed during times of growth, but businesses are often hesitant to hire additional full-time employees.

Other times businesses rapidly hire new employees to help decrease individual workloads, only to find that they over-hired when company growth begins to recess.

One solution to help solve the hiring dilemma is to work with an employment agency to manage the ups-and-downs of job growth during an uncertain economy.

Staffing agencies in Denver have been gearing up over the past year to handle the job growth, especially in the light industrial and construction industries where workloads rise and fall with the local economy.

Why Use a Staffing Agency

Denver employment agencies are specially trained to find the most qualified workforce available for their clients. Whether the position is to support long-term company growth, or to help out when there is an increased volume of work, temp agencies can meet business demands.

Here are some advantages of using a staffing agency:

  • Flexibility: Employment agencies have workers from a broad network of disciplines that can be ready to work quickly. No matter the size or shape of the project in need of completion, businesses have access to all the employees a Denver temp agency has available. A company could use three part-time employees one week and two full-time employees the next.
  • Decrease employment cost: Do you think that you will spend more on temporary workers from a Denver staffing agency? Think again. A full-time employee may require a business to pay for benefits like health insurance. Temporary staffing can reduce overhead.
  • Forget unemployment: With temporary employees, a business can work with the staffing agency to reduce the amount of workers, or send them all back when the workload decreases. This will help avoid paying unemployment claims when a business has to lay-off employees.
  • Productivity boost: High volume workloads can cause employees to burnout and reduce productivity. Temporary staffing agencies can provide a few workers when needed to keep employees fresh and on top of their game. If the business finds it has a need for a new permanent position, they may choose to hire one of the temporary employees who is already trained for the job and works well with your staff.  Moving a temporary employee to a full-time position allows the company to maintain productivity and eliminates the cost and time factor it takes to train new personnel.

Staffing agencies can provide a much-needed boost in staffing. With job growth predicted to increase in Colorado, Denver staffing agencies can become a businesses’ best friend.

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