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Temps on Demand management team brings years of industry Experience.

Our management team provides staffing services and staff augmentation to both public and private organizations, and has worked within each of these environments for many years. Our experience within governmental agencies and private sector organizations afford YOU, our client, the assurance that our professionals are not only experienced and possess the skills you require, but are also acutely familiar with the diverse environment in which you operate.

Temps on Demand was founded on the principals of Honesty and Integrity, and we bring it with us into everything we do. Our clients and consultants deserve it, and we demand it!

Temps on Demand offers Reliability. Our clients and consultants require a company they can trust to deliver superior results to every project, event and contract. Temps on Demand believes in building long-term client and candidate relationships, and this cannot be accomplished without reliability. We recognize the privilege of being allowed to support YOU, therefore you will always be able to count on the quality and service of Temps on Demand.


Management Team

David McFann. President

David brings more than three decades of experience in business operations, sales, and personnel employment strategy to Temps on Demand. His clear vision to provide staffing solutions to employers by matching staffing personnel to the specific needs of employers, and doing so at a fair rate, has provided a much needed service to our community, businesses and industry at large.

Pastor McFann is a native Coloradoan and has a heart for his state and his community. As a business owner he understands the economic stressors and challenges that businesses face today.

The economic climate has changed and with that change businesses need to find methods and strategies to conduct their business and still end with a healthy bottom line. Out of the desire to provide a solution to the labor issues businesses experience on a daily basis, Temps on Demand was birthed.

Mr. McFann knew if he could provide employers with skilled, hard working staff that he would not only be meeting the needs of business owners, but also putting qualified people back to work. His honor and integrity in business is what makes Temps on Demand such a special agency. Pastor McFann is a man of his word and has a heart for mankind. In 2000, he was awarded the Aurora Chamber of Commerce Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Scott McFann. Vice President

Scott has been a successful manager in the construction industry for the better part of two decades. In that time, he has built and managed large residential and commercial projects throughout the Denver metropolitan area. His ability to manage large numbers of subcontractors has made him an integral part of running the Temps on Demand labor force. Scott’s background in construction gives him an acute understanding of the stresses and deadlines superintendents and project managers’ face; and for that reason, he has a clear understanding of an employer’s needs and strives to meet and exceed each client’s expectations.

In working with Temps on Demand, Scott has developed a multifaceted skill-set in working not only with the construction side of the business but also in the placement of hospitality, housekeeping staff, warehouse workers, flaggers’ and general labors. One thing you can always be sure of when ordering a laborer is that Scott will make sure you have the right individual for the job.

Much like his father, Scott has a real heart for his community and the working poor. Throughout Scott’s life he has always been involved in community outreach programs. In 2000, Scott and his father successfully built and managed a community outreach program that housed the homeless and provided jobs and resources to move families from homelessness to homeownership. This program was later transferred to the Denver Rescue Mission in order to begin the Temps on Demand journey. One thing all employers should understand when they utilize the services of Temps on Demand is that their money goes directly to impact their community and to educated, equip and restore the working poor and those individuals who are out of work and looking to better their families and their futures. This is the heart of our company, and Scott’s sole purpose in managing the labor force at Temps on Demand.